AIDS, a silent war against Africa!


“Transform the world to a better place to be, The Church is already playing its role. Are you playing yours as a Christian?”



“AIDS, a silent war against AFRICA”


A report of the AACC Church Leaders’ consultation on the approach to the HIV/AIDS crises in West Africa, Dakar, Senegal; on the implication of church leaders in HIV/AIDS programs including awareness rising and mobilization workshops care for the infected and affected people. Seems to be an impossible area for many churches and organization leaders in Africa.

This sad fact may be attributed to many real challenges, but mainly to:

  • Insufficient information and knowledge to help many churches and organizations leaders
  • The perception by many churches and organizations, of people living with HIV/AIDS
  • The reluctance of many churches and organizations leaders to see HIV/AIDS as any other terminal
  • The scarcity of resources

While many churches and different organizations are struggling with these challenges and others not mentioned here. Thousands of Africans children, youth and adults are daily approaching their isolation and neglect the end of their silent battle against the disease. While their loved ones are watching hopelessly and quiet. As a result many lives had gone to waste, while a single word of awareness and care could easily save them.

Join us! Global Mission Fellows in this battle against “AIDS, a silent war to Africa”

We GMFs will speak up! And raise awareness!!!

We still have one more message for you, HIV/Aids is not over!!! Do not relax!

As a Global Mission Fellows our prayers and a reminder to everyone is that:


Our Lord God doesn’t have other hands than ours to laid other and do good.

Our Lord God doesn’t have other eyes than ours to see and look after (take care).

Our Lord God doesn’t have other MOUTH than OURS to say lovely words, proclaim fraternity and say the truth to others.

Our Lord God doesn’t have other heart than ours to charitably love others

Our Lord God doesn’t have other EARS than ours to LISTEN to cries of distresses.

Our Lord God doesn’t have other companions than us to share his kingdom to today’s men and women.


Our Lord God through his son Jesus Christ sent us in the world to be his witness, share hope and transform the world through proclaiming his love.



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