6 Months in Mission, What Effects?




Exactly 6 months in mission, what effects?

Today February 29, 2016. Exactly 6 months since I have been commissioned as a Global Mission Fellows. The previous months have helped me to affirm that, indeed it is Missio Dei (God’s Mission) with these:

  • Active months of continuous accumulation of great experiences
  • Months of joy, happiness and a face of smile all the time
  • Months of sleeping each night, praying for the night to be short knowing that tomorrow gonna be another blessed and great memorable day of Missio Dei (God’s Mission)
  • Months of testing our limit to affront new people and new culture
  • Months to remember that each and every single day we need God in our lives to stand still and prosper;

This is not yet finished, a number of great and amazed events signed my first quarter in mission, which could be resumed to this

An amazed welcome to the DMLS office, accompanied by a number of good projects which drove me around 7 villages in Ivory Coast, indeed Missio Dei is fun.


  • RAPHA project: financed by UNGAF- GBGM (preventing mother children HIV transmission);
  • CIERA project: financed by PEPFAR, supported 602 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OEV), and provided resources for small businesses to 92 families.

Compassion Campaign project: launched by the UMC-CI Bishop to raised funds to support 2 956 OEV in Ivory Coast

  • National Methodist Day of Fight against HIV/AIDS (NMDFA) in Ivory Coast, hosted in the regions of Kossou and Zatta;
  • ESPERANCE Christmas: Christmas celebrating with 0ver 305 OEV and 107 school Sunday children at Emmanuel Church.

This amazed first quarter of Missio dei was highly marked by the visit to the Ivory Coast EMC Annual Conference Bishop for the department work report presentation followed by a short GMF presentation. After the presentation the UMC-CI Bishop, his eminence Bishop BENJAMAIN BONI was impressed and amazed by the work and transformative actions that the DMLS is doing with the support of the Church and its partners. Very happy to see two Global Mission Fellows affected to the DMLS by the Global Ministries, The UMC-CI Bishop, Bishop B. BONI highlighted that: “Indeed the Church is at work, and it is playing a very crucial role both spiritually and physically in the development of our communities”.

Call to service:

prove yourself doers of the word” (James 1:22), it is on this note that I am calling all you adults willing to serve as missionaries to the Generation Transformation website www.umcmission.org/gt and apply.

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  1. didiermonga · février 29, 2016

    God is good!



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